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PUNKAYC are 5,000 Punks and Apes merged  – created to honour the merge from PoW to PoS.


We were the first onchain PFP collection to mint  fully on PoS, becoming part of NFT history. Our art and metadata is onchain forever.


We believe that PoS offers an opportunity to rethink how we build web 3 communities. We have a strong and unique identity, seperate from Punks or Apes, that we are all proud of. 

We believe that empowered communities who participate fully in building out a project are the only ones capable of becoming the legacy projects on PoS. We intend for that to be us.

It’s true that Apes and Punks have a long history of rivalry. When BAYC floor price overtook Punks, it hit the NFT news. BAYC called the Punks team lazy, Punks called the BAYC imposters. When Yuga bought Punks, many of the OG punks sold their grails, seeing it as a sell out to the commercialisation of web 3.

But this in’t always the case. There are a few exceptions where people hold both projects, and it was in one of these wallets that PUNKAYC was born.

We can’t identify what wallet and which particular punks and apes were involved, but at the exact time of the merge there was one transaction that slipped through, unrecorded, caught in the moment of that historical second where PoW moved to PoS.

This error locked the owner out of their own wallet, but through some internet hackery that is yet to be understood, PUNKAYC brought itself to life on PoS. They left rivalry behind them, and set out to build a new kind of web 3 community that continued to champion and explore the principles of decentralisation.

PUNKAYC are PoS OGs, being the first onchain PFP to fully mint on PoS. Better still They were CC0 and fully onchain – unlike the NFTs they were created from. PUNKAYC are here to continue to make history – while building a new future.                              

meme by m3rlin_art  

gifs by lozaxpixel



We’re all writing the history of web3 on the blockchain and defining what it means to be part of the NFT movement during this time. Ethereum’s shift from PoW to PoS is an important moment in our collective history. It also offers an opportunity to pause and reflect on where we are.

PUNKAYC is about standing up for the ideals that web 3 is founded on. The ideals that became a little lost somewhere in the hype of 2021.  We saw many projects born and die without any consideration of the life-changing opportunity that decentralisation provides all of us.

These are the ideals that brought many to the crypto space originally. We want to recapture them and live those ideals as best we can. We are learning as we go, but we are dedicated to building something new and exciting. Come join us.

Punk Apes are meant to be fun, but they’re also a symbol of the opportunity that we have to “reset the room.” 


What makes onchain so special? 


Well besides the art and metadata all existing fully onchain, the tokens don’t exist before minting – they are created when you mint.


Being the first PFP to mint entirely on PoS is something we are proud of. PoS marks a new ‘green’ era for Ethereum. 


It’s a fitting honour for us, given we are Punks and Apes merged. Invest in history and the future.




– We’re an experiment in building sustainable long term communities, and we believe that’s how the best things start.  We’re not a DAO, but a permissionless group of builders and believers. We all contribute to PUNKAYC. We’ll learn how this works best as we go. 


– We’re building a web 3 community that is not just reliant on a founder, but where every PUNKAYC is called to build with us.  We want to become a true leaderless community. We believe is is what web 3 is about.